Isle of man tt 2013 report   


“Do you know you’ve just been served coffee by the 5th most successful TT racer of all time?” - Tour guide to customer in the platinum VIP referring to our personal ambassador Phillip McCallen...

“If this gets any better, I am going to have to move here!” - Customer to our tour guide and local Sammy

As if to atone for the atrocious weather of 2012 and reward us for coming back in force, TT race week 2013 was unforgettable!  You couldn’t ask for more perfect weather, greater racing, better company...

We had a 7-night programme (Saturday arrival) and a 4-night programme (Tuesday arrival)


Friday 31/May - Race day 1 - Our early arrivers enjoy the racing from the grandstands and we have our welcome “happy hour” at the bar of the Sefton.

“Mad” Sunday - We watch the Mugello MotoGP together with special guests from the VIP hospitality specially laid on for the day. A chance to explore the Douglas pubs...

Monday Race Day - I survive a crack of dawn flight in with Steve Parrish in his private plane...

We head to the hedges of Cronk-y-voddy to see the action as close as you can imagine - 170mph bikes passing not 1m from our noses! Keep feet inside! We see Michael Dunlop add two more wins to his Saturday victory. Evening is an expedition to the world famous Bushy’s beer tent following by a delightful meal at a local French restaurant.

Tuesday - Remaining customers arrive. We take a tour of the island, with lunch at a perfect pub in Peel! Evening opening dinner dinner with special guests including Jamie Hamilton  from Ireland and local Isle of Man hero Conor Cummins, with a cameo guest appearance by his competitor and father (!) Billy Cummins. All in the family here!

Wednesday - we are guests of sidecar team Klaffi Racing and team boss Klaus Klaffi. We keep our eyes, if not ears, open for the TT Zero race, and then see Dunlop make it 4 in the Supersport race.  He is the talk of the weekend - lining up to equal the record of 5 victories, or even possibly breaking that! Following a magic show by British trial stunt rider Steve Colley; we hit the highlight of the day: the sidecar race. Team Ben and Tom Birchall had already taken a podium Saturday but they simply had to go one better and win the race!!  NOTHING can match the atmosphere of a being part of a winning team! We greet Ben and Tom as true heroes!  How to top off a perfect day?  How about a brilliant meal at local Indian restaurant - in fact rated in the top 100 in UK!

Thursday - in glorious weather, we take a slow lap of the track narrated by none other than Irish Road racing legend Ryan Farquhar. We are stunned at his intimate knowledge of the course. “If you get this corner right, it is better than sex!” and “Going over some of these bumps at 180mph takes some hanging on...”  (as we are getting rattled about at 40.)  We stop for lunch at the famous Creg-ny-baa Inn.  In the evening we do the impossible for dinner and secure a table at Paparazzi.

Friday - Well, the Big Day finally rolls around. Arriving at the platinum VIP hospitality we are faced with a difficult decision over coffee: do I want to take the morning track lap or the afternoon? At 9:30 before the Lightweight race, the first 5 cars go out.  Of the 15 passengers, 10 are our customers! (same in the afternoon) Doing the course with a professional driver just shy of 100mph average speeds is .... sensational!

The day just flashes by.  Our tables are personally looked after by none other than recently-retired Scottish IoM TT racer Keith Amor and one of the top 5 racers in TT history Phillip McCallen!

In the Lightweight race, Conor Cummins scores a podium finish to everyone’s delight (especially his dad, who also managed to finish the race!). Following the return of the giddy survivors of the 2nd course lap, Keith leads a number of us on an expedition to the private garden of a friend right ON Bray Hill where we get to see the superbikes for the last time in anger. Take one step onto the track at this point and it is a mandatory jail sentence.  We are THAT close!  We get back in time to stand right AT the podium and inside park ferme to congratulate winner and still King of the Mountain John McGuinness (and see a slightly dejected Michael Dunlop miss the record books by one position).  Our Kiwi customers are delighted to meet 3rd place Bruce Antsey at the podium.

Our closing dinner at the hotel was strangely NOT followed by a big bar session -- the excitement of the day, the sun, and perhaps the open bar at the VIP had worn us out!

Saturday - Six guests opted to stay an extra day and we headed down to Castletown to check out the post-TT races. A brilliant day!  We are special guests of the organising committee who give us a private tour of the control tower and the insights on how to run a road race. The racing is great fun, head-to-head for a change... Jamie Hamilton wins one race and takes a podium on a second - it was great to be able to congratulate him and proud team boss Ryan Farquhar.  This also means that of the teams and riders we supported, ALL made podiums that week!

A great day of racing finished with a visit to the most perfect pub on the planet - the harbourside Glue Pot (real ale, old time TT racers, perfect weather!) where we are proud to buy the Southern 100 committee some much-earned beers!  Closing at the local Indian restaurant with a very late return to our hotel was a perfect coda to a perfect weekend!

Gordon Howell, managing director of Pole Position Travel (and tour leader!)

Pole Position Travel tour 1-7 June 2013

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The brothers on the podium

A perfect conclusion to a perfect week!

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We are joined in the grandstand by TT legend Phil McAllen!

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