Isle of man tt 2012 report   


“I don’t know what you are going to do next year, because you will have a hard time topping this!” - a customer from our pilot tour as we headed to the airport.

“Coming down the hill you want to stay to the right as the road is a wee bit off camber at this point. There is a paint patch just to the right of centre, so you need to avoid that, and as you come through the curve don’t touch the curb [about 4” high] else that’ll be game over.  You are just hitting about 150mph here...”

- Ryan Farquhar, Irish road racing star, narrating a portion of the course....

How do you describe one’s first trip to the greatest motorcycle event on the planet? We won’t try.  Savour the photos and videos. See the programme


Monday - watching races from hedges at Cronk-y-voddy with Sammy & Loren, after 4 hours delay to start. First experience of seeing bikes racing the road at 150mph, arms length! We visit TT Museum; finish day with beers at the iconic Bushys.

Tuesday - most customers arrive. Evening dinner with Ryan Farquhar, his new team mate Jamie Hamilton, British Grand Prix racer Danny Webb, TV producer Billy Ward, parents of Conor Cummins Billy & Carole, and Isle of Man promoter and former star ‘Milky’ Quayle.

Wednesday - we are guests of sidecar team Klaffi Racing and team boss Klaus Klaffi. Team Ben and Tom Birchall had already taken a 2nd place podium Saturday (following a bad practice session crash that morning!); they did a sensational 3rd today! Klaus takes us on a tour of the paddock and tells us war stories of his days (3 times champion). We are entertained by private show of trial stunt rider Steve Colley. Our guest speaker Ryan Farquhar pulls off an amazing 3rd place podium by 0.01 seconds in the supersport race!

We close day with brilliant meal at local Indian restaurant - in fact rated in top 100 in UK!

Thursday - drizzly day, we are joined by Ryan who takes us on a tour of the track in a minivan. We are stunned at his intimate knowledge of the course. “Around this corner there used to be a hedge - I would know I was on the right line ‘cause my helmet would just brush the leaves...”

We stop for lunch at the legendary Creg-ny-baa Inn, and while there meet GP stars Cal Crutchlow and Bradley Smith.  Our customers are interviewed by Monster TV for their first impressions of the IoM!  We do the impossible for dinner and secure a table at Paparazzi - right in the Steve Parrish corner!

Friday - speaking of Steve, he is one of many celebs who join us at the awesome TT Platinum hospitality. The day is solid rain throughout - no racing at all; but we don’t mind too much as we are having a great time chatting with TT legends, drinking beer, getting all sorts of memorabilia and autographs. Our personal host is recently-retired IoM T racer Keith Amor! We retire to the hotel where we keep the bar open late... :-)

Saturday - we head up to the paddock only to wait hours for the weather to clear. Although the official hospitality is closed, the nice people at IoM organising committee open the conference centre just for us to stay dry; and even serve us sandwiches and Monster! Finally they declare the track ready... We get the ‘ride of our lives’ in Subaru course cars at speed! WOW! They cancel the Senior TT for the first time in history, but the new Lightweight (650) race runs  Won comfortably by our hero Ryan Farquhar...  We have a great closing dinner

Sunday - Sammy & Gordon head to Castletown to check out the post-TT races there. A perfect day! Turns out the clerk of the course, Peter Oates, and his organising team are good customers of ours; so we get to view the racing FROM the control tower!  That’s a first even for us! A great day of racing finished with a visit to the most perfect pub on the planet - the harbourside Glue Pot (real ale, old time TT racers, perfect weather!) This will be on the programme in 2013!

What a place! What racing! The proverbial wild horses won’t stop me from returning every year!

This was quite literally the best motosports event I have ever attended!

Gordon Howell, managing director of Pole Position Travel (and tour leader!)


Pole Position Travel inaugural tour 1-8 June 2012

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