Jerez MotoGP (& Moto3) Test 20-25 march 2013

“I think I still have to prove myself...”

--- Valentino Rossi after posting the fastest (and then the second fastest) test times.  He’s back.

We could have hoped for better weather, but we couldn’t have hoped for a better time than we had at the final pre-season Test at Jerez.

Just 7 of us went along, all from England & Scotland; meaning we were all desperate to escape the “spring arctic”.  Well, having just returned to ice-age Edinburgh, I can say for sure that I’d rather suffer a little rain in Jerez! :-)

Several of us made it down a few days early, and caught the final two days of the Moto2/3 Testing in largely what-one-would-expect glorious Jerez weather! Arriving to find customers already entrenched at the circuit bar with a brilliant view to Turns 11 & 12 and beers in hand was a welcome sight indeed!

Thursday we caught the final day of Moto2/3 testing hanging out with our boys Danny Webb (who sadly got injured the previous day in the horrible wet conditions and thus couldn’t ride in the nice weather) Brad Binder (who posted a pretty awesome 2nd!) Jakub Kornfeil (who started the testing about 26th then brought it up to 8th onthe last day!) and of course all the rest.

We went for dinner at the pizzeria Rossi & others used to hang out at (Pizza Roma) - sadly it has been renovated and no longer in favour, but having said that the food was great and Jeremy Burgess walked by so we pulled him in for a chat and a shot...  We called this one a success!  (One of the great things about the tests is that there aren’t hordes of fans around and everyone is pretty relaxed!)

Friday was setup day, so people went into Jerez, did winery tours, or just chilled out (in the return of the rain, chilling was all too easy!).  And perhaps some of us popped over to the track (3 minute drive from our hotel!) to catch the launch of Team Yahama MotoGP.  Never know who one will see there! :-)

The MotoGP Testing Saturday was in pretty poor conditions - a few brave souls went out, but by lunchtime less than 40 laps had been done in total.  Lunch with industry guru Neil Spalding was the highlight of the day - his take on the progress of Ducati, the CRTs, how badly Yamaha needs a seamless gearbox (and just exactly how DO those things work?) were amongst several topics over a long meal - proving that even rain has its advantages!

Saturday night we dragged Neil off to a brilliant local restaurant where the 8 of us probably discussed every topic APART from MotoGP! Those sherry wines really DO grow on you!

Sunday dawned a little better - and in steady improvement, we finally got so real dry (ish) track, slick tyres testing!  All the bikes went out; and at the end of the day it was the Doctor Himself on top of the timesheets!  This was happy news for all!

We targeted the old town and one of the top restaurants in Jerez for a brilliant closing meal...  When I compare with the insanity of the MotoGP weekend - I realise just what a cool place this is to visit where there aren’t hordes of people! (not that that is bad!)

Monday we went briefly to the track before people made their leavings of Jerez - only to be greeting by more miserable weather - although we DID get to see Bradley Smith have what amounted to a private practice session!

I return to the track Monday afternoon for the final hour - good (ish) weather had returned and almost all the riders were back at it.  Great photo ops from the trackside; and best of all was the final result:  our sponsored motogp rider CAL CRUTCHLOW WAS THE FASTEST!!

Can’t WAIT for Qatar!!


Moto2/3 18-21 Mar, motogp 23-25 Mar 2013

circuito de jerez, jerez de la frontera, spain


All photos Gordon Howell, Pole Position travel guide

Special thanks to team Go & Fun Honda Gresini for organising the access and allowing us to camp out in their garages!

You can’t get any closer to the bikes and riders than at the official Tests.  We will go to the tests following the MotoGP events, provisionally following Jerez, Catalunya, San Marino and Valencia. (Note: most tests sold out last year)

Some reasons to go to the Jerez Pre-Season test

See all our photos from the test! Click here...Jerez_Test_Photos.html
See all our photos from the test! Click here...Jerez_Test_Photos.html