Gran Premio d'Italia 13-16 july 2012
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Mugello is mind-boggling. Too much to tell - so here’s a bullet summary of another madcop weekend!

As usual, we don’t report on the racing itself here -- this is amply covered.  See the report from our own correspondent Harry Lloyd.

Thursday - Opening happy hours at hotels; visit to paddock on “Insider’s Night”.  We get to see Nicky win the go-kart competition!

Friday - Daytime most of our Team Experience customers arrive and enjoy visiting pits, hospitality and roaming the paddock.

Nighttime: Awesome party with LCR Honda in a ruined castle. Riders, bunny girls, great food, drink and music!

Saturday - Our private VIP suite opens. Super viewing, several guests. San Carlo Gresini donates Marco’s bike to his family in a touching presentation.

A large group of us stay at the track enjoying dinner with Honda Gresini and LCR Honda, garage tours, rider meetings, and generally making a nuisance of ourselves!

As we leave the track, standing in the car park we have the sensation of being in a titanic amphitheater with hundreds of performers all trying to out-do each other. Certainly no one sleeps in the camp sites but the atmosphere is incredible!

Sunday is a perfect day.  Weather terrific, racing awesome. We visit some more friends; and some come to visit us!

In the MotoGP, Valentino Rossi passes our man Cal Crutchlow to huge acclaim and nearly his best result of the seasin at his home track. Cal visits us after the race - he isn’t complaining... 

Stefan Bradl takes a superb 4th, to the delight of LCR as well as our customers enjoying their Team Experience with them!

Sunday night about 40 of us close the event with one of my favourite restaurants in MotoGP -- a proper Florentine steak house.  Read stacks of beautiful meat washed down by buckets of local Chianti.  Can it get any better?  (Did I mention the excellent malt whisky selection)

But wait!  It’s not over yet....

Monday we have two groups. 

One party heads for Ducatiland where they get a private tour of the VERY recently (a few days) re-opened factory, and then visit the museum. As if this wasn’t enough, they check out the Ferrari museum for a total gear-head day!  See our special gallery on this trip.

Another group comes up to the track for the MotoGP testing; as usual as guests of our partners Honda Gresini. We get into a few other garages and general poke around.  Lunch with the superb Italian hospitality washed down with insights from tech guru Neil Spalding made a perfect day. 

And finally, we wished Allan from Scotland a brilliant 50th birthday.  Our present was the key to the podium where he takes a place that even Rossi didn’t achieve!

We didn’t sleep much - but didn’t regret it!  As always, what a weekend!!!


Mugello, Italy


Photos marked:

GH: Gordon Howell, PPT guide (and photos not marked)

ET: Eva Technikova, PPT guide

CH: Chris Howell, PPT staff

CRM: Cormac Ryan Meenan, PPT photographer (more)

MGP: Courtesy

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See all our photos & race report from the GP! Click here...Mugello_Photos.html
See all our photos from the GP! Click here...Mugello_Photos.html

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The Best Things about the Mugello MotoGP

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Poor Stefan Bradl...  first, second, third and FIFTH place finishers get on the podium in Mugello.  But this crowd was never going to leave until they saw The Doctor...! Video below

We arrive early in the morning to catch the pit crew including Jeremy Burgess out shaking up that Duc...  May not have been the fastest bike out there, but that sound...!

Photos from our Ducati/Ferrari trip MondayDucati-Ferrari_Trip.html