German Grand Prix 6-8 July 2012

“That boy’s going places...”

(- Cal Crutchlow’s dad Derek at our opening dinner, referring to Marc Marquez - who then wins the Moto2 decisively)

As our second-oldest event (we’ve been going there since 2004) you’d think this would be one of our largest. Strangely this isn’t the case - and we often wonder why?

Our theory is that this is simply an overlooked event in our main markets - UK, Australian and USA - which is a bit of a shame as this never fails to be a great weekend!

The track is a superb technical circuit with tons of great viewing. Tickets are very good value, and set in former Eastern Germany, it is one of the least expensive events in Europe making it brilliant value for money.  And did we mention the herztliche welcome from the Saxon people?

The other thing about Sachsenring is the sheer number of races!    There are usually SEVEN races on the weekend - in addition to the normal Moto3/Moto3/MotoGP we are treated to the local German ADAC series, TWO Red Bull Rookies cup races and the awesome International Supersides!

We soaked up every moment of the fumes this weekend...

Our Thursday “Insiders’ Night” in the paddock was a bit damp, but that mainly meant we  got to hang out in Gresini and drink their beers!  I can think of worse ways to spend an evening... :-)

The mixed weather would continue all weekend with a dry-ish Friday, a very wet Saturday and wet-turning-dry Sunday. Fairly unusual for Sachsenring which is usually a sunny event!

Friday night we had our traditional opening dinner in the hugely atmospheric Ratskeller. Great beer and food was complemented our guest speakers from the Red Bull Rookies, the American Joe Roberts and Malaysian youngster Hafiq Azmi.

Saturday the mixed conditions threw up some interesting qualification results.  Casey Stoner on the top was not remarkable, but Ben Spies with his best qualification of the season in 2nd was! Saturday night a few of us stayed in the paddock to join Team Gresini for dinner and generally make a nuisance of ourselves. We had a chance to bump into a happy Ben!

We also were honoured to be invited to join a small birthday party in LCR Honda!

Sunday ended up a lovely day - once the rain got past (although sadly affecting the Moto3 race!)

Our sponsored riders didn’t fare too well:  Brad Binder who excelled on this track in the Red Bull Rookies had a bit of a boo-boo; Danny Webb had his usual depressing result on the obviously inadequate Mahindra; only Jakub Kornfeil - who states this is his favourite circuit  - managed a top 10.

The Moto2 race was a thriller, Marc Marquez really showed his skill and why a MotoGP ride is a cert for him next year.

Still the MotoGP race came out bright, and some of our Team Gresini MotoGP customers caught some of the action from the trackside!

Dani Pedrosa was the star of the race, putting in a dominating performance leaving his nearest rival Lorenzo 15 seconds in the dust.  Dani crashed here in the wet while leading in 2008, since then has has never failed to get on the podium, and has won 3 of the fours races since!

We closed the weekend with our usual visit to the local Biergarten - more great Saxon food, hospitality washed down by copious beer!  You can tell how good a weekend truly was by how many people make it to the closing dinner -- in Germany we have been know to get MORE than our total customers coming along to this!

Always look forward to this one!


sachsenring, germany


Photos marked:

RG: Richard Gledhill, PPT guide (and photos not marked)

ET: Eva Technikova, PPT guide

CRM: Cormac Ryan Meenan, PPT photographer (more)

MGP: Courtesy

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See all our photos from the GP! Click here...Sachsenring_Photos.html

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Marquez takes the Moto2 (MGP)

Red Bull Rookies pass Sidecars on a very busy Sunday!

Dani usually stops for photos in the paddock - but he is easy to miss! He left the weekend in little doubt about who was boss in Sachsenring!

Dinner Saturday night with team Gresini Honda