The Cal Crutchlow Experience


We offer a very exclusive ‘Cal Crutchlow Experience’ package for MotoGP events for those who really want to be on the inside of MotoGP.

This consists of:

  1. All weekend access to MotoGP paddock

  2. MotoGP Team hospitality with food & drink

  3. Private tour of pits & bike (usually conducted by Cal’s dad...)

  4. Private meeting with Cal himself

  5. A Pole Position Travel guide on hand with further tours, advice & assistance

We can usually only do just 2-4 people for each event - so if you are interested in coming along, please contact us soon! It is however VERY exclusive!

These photos were taken during a garage tour by customers at the Estoril MotoGP 2012.


a visit to CAl’s Tech3 MotoGP Team Garage

05 May 2012 Estoril, Portugal

For more details on the Cal experience click here ../Riders/Cal_Crutchlow.html

A Cal’s-eye view of the cockpit.

This is probably a bit different from YOUR R1...

To his left starting at the top are:

Tail lamp switch. New this year, a small red light which increases visibility in rain or dark

Launch control.  Activated at race start, electronics help keep the bike from wheelie-ing and managing maximum traction.

Electronic mapping. Allows Cal to choose one of no more than 3 ‘mappings’ for the fly-by-wire system which adds electronic control of things such as acceleration, wheel spin and related. The mappings are different parameters based on the track conditions.

To his right are:
Pit lane speed limiter.  There is a strictly-enforced 60kph speed limit in the pit lane (no talking your way out of THIS ticket!)  This switch prevents Cal from exceeding this.

Engine kill switch.  Uhh, we generally hope he doesn’t need to use this in a race...!

In the centre is the ‘dash board’ telling him speed, RPM and a few other details (lap time, coolant temp, engine temp, gear selected usually) He doesn’t get any information (e.g. radio) from the pit - apart from the pit board; so he won’t necessarily know his position, who’s behind him (and by how much!) or possibly even how many laps to go. This is the job of the pit board guy - in Cal’s case, his Dad!


We are delighted to support Cal and his family in his quest for the MotoGP crown. He is a brilliant bloke, and a very talented rider; whom we expect to see on several podiums!