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Well, this may not be Kawasaki’s home (the team: Barcelona, the manufacturer: Japan) but it is OUR home, and of course the home event of the reigning World Superbike Champion Tom Sykes!  Can he repeat his winning ways in front of his local crowd?

“What crowd?”, I hear you cry...  We were stunned at the poor attendance of this event -- the only World SBK round this year in the UK, and at our beloved Donington Park.

Sure, the weather was a bit iffy, and there remains only a single public grandstand, and the wonderful Redgate Pub is gone; but this remains one of the iconic circuits in motorcycle racing, and this weekend brought fantastic racing!

We had 14 guests with Kawasaki for the weekend. Sadly this makes it one of the more well-attended events for us; but with such low numbers in general, we felt like we owned the place!

Friday the weather held - just - and the few of us who made it there had a great chance to walk the track.  Like a reunion with an old lover...

Saturday we played dice with the sun, mainly thankful we had such a nice retreat at Kawasaki. We got into the garage for a tour and general exploration, meeting the riders and generally making a nuisance of ourselves.  

Tom qualified 7th - his worst qualification of the year - which was bound to make an interesting challenge for him.  Supersport was fascinating as well, with our old friend, Scotsman Kev Coghlan qualifying on the front row in 3rd! 

We had dinner in the paddock with Kawasaki, with the rain belting down.  A great chance to chat to the team and each other, sample their “private label” wine, and our own Czech single malt whisky!

Sunday turned out to be a decent day - with both Superbike races remaining dry.  In Supersport, we were delighted with the podiums of our formerly sponsored riders Jules Cluzel and Kev Coghlan! Well done boys!

But the day belonged to Kawasaki. Lock, stock and two smoking pipes of Tom and Loris.  1-2 in both races, with David Salom taking the top EVO  both times as well. Hard to ask for anything better!!

WE of course caught the champagne from the podium and generally proud to be part of such a winning team!!

All photos from PPT Guide Gordon Howell

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Donington Park, UK, 23-25 April 2014

Lucky Thundersprint contest winner Martyn got a little more than he expected!!

Tom Sykes and Loris Baz make it a 1-2 1-2 weekend!

The weekend belonged to Kawasaki and Tom Sykes!