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Well, we went last year in the hopes that the round would grow more popular and some of the infrastructure issues would get sorted.  Neither happened, but we had a blast anyhow...  Apart from our guide Roberto who had the joy of driving in Moscow!  :-)

[Last year the coach was consistently late so we decided to do away with it. We were on time, but driving in Russia does involve a certain amount of stress! )

The terrible weather didn’t help the driving; but became tragic in the Supersport race. Rider Andrew Antonelli crashed in the heavy rain on the straight in the first lap at 250kmh, being struck by a following rider and passing away at the scene.  This and the following races on Sunday were cancelled out of respect.

It is difficult to report the happy times at an event so marred by such a tragedy, however in keeping with our policy and the biker tradition of “carrying on”, we will wind back to the happier Thursday...

The hardy few who made the trek to Russia really did feel as if the event were put on specifically for them!  Almost no spectators all weekend - Friday they literally had the place to themselves! In the paddock this was an awesome situation, as they could meet pretty much every rider, see all the pits, meet the girls, etc! Even Sunday there was just a handful (see pic to right)

We were all guests of Kawasaki, and especially given the conditions, very glad of this!  not only did we get all the hospitality, but we had a thorough garage tour, taking in even the trucks, and the “war stories” of driving the whole rig intro Russia.  (10 hours tailback at the border...)

Our hotel was the sumptuous Moscow Country Club - about a 50 minute drive to the track (making it one of the closest hotels).  

On Monday we got to take in a tour of Moscow - Red Square and Kremlin remain as one of the world’s great city centre attractions.

We are the only company crazy enough to run a tour to the Moscow SBK, so you can bet we will be back next year! :-)

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Volokolamsky district, Moscow, Russia, 19-21 July 2013

RIP Andrea Antonelli, age 25.