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If you want to pick just one SBK round to go to in the year, make it Portugal.  Incredible value for money in a brilliant destination, and a superb circuit that never fails to produce excitement.  Pretty much a “can’t miss”.

Well, we didn’t have it QUITE perfect!  We managed to hit the coldest weekend in June in the Algarve in over 100 years! But that didn’t stop the excitement -- just kept us more in the excellent hospitality of the VIP and Kawasaki!

Kawasaki remains the hosts with the mosts.  All our customers got to hang around in the garage as much as they wished; and VIP customer Mark even got a private scooter tour of the service road from Kawasaki boss Biel!

Unusually Kawasaki only managed one podium - a 3rd in the first race for Tom Sykes - but this was enough to get us out under the champagne fountain!

The event was sadly poorly attended - such an awesome circuit, we don’t understand this.  Let’s hope more make it next year!

We can’t say enough good things about Portugal. Really one to plan a holiday around - several guests did just that. Even without the beach weather, the place is beautiful, baked in history, and it seems everyone speaks English (even though our guide Eva is fluent in Portugese...)

The hotel is truly remarkable - huge beach, swimming pool, and for those interested, a titanic casino! Not much use of the beach I am afraid but the bar was a popular destination!

Can’t wait to get back!

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Portimão, Portugal 7-9 June 2013

Tom hits us with his champers in Race 1

The gorgeous hotel and beach