Brad Binder 41

Racing for South Africa

We have been proud sponsors of Brad since his days in the Red Bull Rookie Cup. 2012 saw him move up to the big leagues as a rookie in Moto3 riding for the Dutch team RW Racing. In 2013 we gave him huge support (our largest sponsorship of any rider ever), enabling him to compete on top Honda equipment with his new team Ambrogio Racing.

Brad has been a welcome guest at a number of our parties and VIP suites; his down-to-earth style and natural friendliness are great assets when explaining the nuances of Moto3 racing and sharing his experiences, whether to individuals or large groups.

We continue our sponsorship into the 2014 season, with our biggest ever financial commitment to a rider (significant €5-figure).   We are VERY excited about his 2014 prospects!


Career Highlights

  1. 1.South African regional and national champion 7 years running

  2. 2.2010 selected to participate at international level in the Red Bull Rookies Cup

  3. 3.2011 won Estoril Rookies race by a record 15.9 seconds!

  4. 4.2012 full time rider in Moto3 World Championship. Only South African in Grand Prix motorcycle racing.

  5. 5.Winner of Valencia CEV round 18/11/2012 - As Wildcard! First time in CEV, first time on Suter, first time on Honda Moto3

Pole Position Travel & Brad

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Help Brad do even better

Every customer we take on a “Brad Binder Experience” helps Brad, as a substantial majority portion of the fees go to him.

However our objective is to put Brad on the most competitive machinery in the paddock, and to do this we to raise significant sums.

At this relatively early stage in his career, sponsorship can be quite cost-effective; and would significantly help both he and you get names on the world stage.  Some of the benefits:

  1. Widespread promotion of your brand

  2.  You and your partners/clients can attend events with us and Brad, and feel like real ‘insiders’

  3. The satisfaction of helping gain national recognition for South Africa

While we are not his manager, Pole Position Travel can advise to a pretty close approximation what realistic terms of a sponsorship deal might be. At the entry level, sponsorships for a rider of his position start at about €5,000.

If you would like to know more, please contact us.

We are helping to raise a total of about 1.5M ZAR for Brad to race this year. At the moment, NONE of this is coming from South Africa - a situation we hope to reverse!

Brad’s bike

For those of you more technically minded; in 2014 Brad will ride a Moto3 Mahindra with the team World Wide Racing The Mahindra is a relatively new brand, having started off 2 years ago in Moto3 as the slowest bike in the paddock, then making amazing strides in 2013 including podiums and generally better even than Honda!  We have high hopes for the machine in 2014.

The bike is a 250cc single cylinder (Moto3 spec) engine. Out of the box this is a pretty good bike, but in GP racing “pretty good” means you are scraping for 15th place...  By upgrading the various components we hope to have him on a world-class competitive bike! Perhaps with your name on it?

Quite bluntly it is owing to the support of Pole Position and his other sponsors that this has been made possible.  We want to keep him on this machinery, which is why we need you to help!

Brad on record-breaking Rookies Cup podium in Portugal

The Brad Binder Experience

Experience MotoGP from the inside...

If you are planning to come to a MotoGP, why not make it a truly memorable experience?

Be a private guest of Brad and his team.

  1. Full weekend paddock access

  2. Team hospitality (food/drink/lunch in superb facilities)

  3. Garage tours

  4. Team merchandise

  5. Pole Position guide

  6. ...and of course meetings with Brad!

Price €599. Availability VERY LIMITED (first priority will go to South Africans!) You can book online for the event in question or contact us.

Of course, we can organise all aspects of your MotoGP tour. Give us a ring to discuss your private or company MotoGP visit.

Brad on stage in Brno 2012 with Pole Position Travel managing director Gordon Howell.


Brad takes sensational victory as wildcard in Spanish CEV final round at Valencia 18/11/12. First time in CEV, first time on Suter, first time on Honda Moto3

Join Brad at a MotoGP. +27 10 500 3898

Brad takes an amazing 4th place at the Jerez MotoGP this year! As of Le Mans he is TOP Honda, 5th in the championship!  Even better than we hoped!