“When they first started racing not far from here in 1925, there was a nearby church which objected to racing on the Sabbath. So they ran the race Saturday and traditionally have kept it that way since then. Maybe that’s why it’s called the ‘Cathedral of Racing?’”

---Guest speaker, Dutch resident and MotoGP guru David Emmett (publisher of Motomatters.com)

See UK Motorcycle  News review of the trip!08_Assen_files/MCN_160714_051.pdf

Our annual visit to the Dutch TT met all expectations.  Great fun, lots of cheers, the inevitable rain, superb racing.

Wednesday night some of the early birds enjoyed an evening in the paddock as guests of the Pole Position Club. We met numerous riders and poked into garages. Sam Lowes as usual was super-friendly.

Thursday was the practice day. The Espargaro brothers dominated the timesheets in the 2 MotoGP sessions.  We got a chance to get close to the Red Bull Rookies - Assen is always the most entertaining race for these kids!

Thursday evening our opening reception featured Dek Crutchlow & David Emmett.  Dek gave us the insights as to what a pit board man must do, as well as fielding the usual questions of “what’s Cal up to?” (he, like Cal, does not know)/  Fascinating.  David gave his usual incisive commentary on what’s happening in the paddock, the chances of another Marquez victory, and a bit about Assen itself. The questions almost never stopped... (But we managed a great dinner and many beers in any case!)

Friday we had an amazing MotoGP qualifying session, seeing open class rider Aleix Espargaro take a stunning pole position! In the evening some of the group headed for the mayhem of the Assen street party, while some others enjoyed dinner at the track in the paddock. In the last race of a long day of action, our sponsored (in the Isle of Man TT) sidecar team of Ben and Tom Birchall took victory!

We were also honoured by the presence of new LCR Honda main line sponsor CWM World at their first official event.  CWM World is our client and we are proud to have had a hand in bringing this new sponsor to MotoGP

Saturday saw a wet day of racing, with weird conditions throughout. Unusually for Moto3, the race was not thrilling - apart from an early crash by tournament leader Jack Miller. Our own boys, Brad Binder and Jakub Kornfeil took 9th and 11th respectively.  Not terrible, but they both felt they could have done a lot better at a track they know well.

Moto2 however made up for the excitement factor and then some...  Our friend and former sponsoree Ant West took a stunning victory, once again proving his amazing talent in the wet. Gino Rea  took his season best finish  of 11th. Sadly, Sam Lowes had a tough day at the office, crashing twice within one lap...

The MotoGP race was almost a comedy, with strange conditions at the start, the officials allowed 2 sighting laps.  Rossi called it wrong, and had to re-pit immediately to swap his slicks to wets; Marquez as usual timed it all perfectly, and emerged victorious again.

Saturday night an intrepid few made it to Groningen for our traditional “beer trolley” tour - but sadly the rain scared most people off (unnecessarily we might add, as the trolley is covered and past events held in the rain were still huge fun!)  But a chance to see the city and enjoy a nice meal in town made it a nice winding down...

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Assen circuit, assen, the netherlands 26-28 june 2014

Some reasons to go to the Assen MotoGP

See all our photos from the event! Click here...Assen_Photos.html
See all our photos from the event! Click here...Assen_Photos.html

Welcome to Assen!

We congratulate Ant West for his first GP victory in 11 years (to the day, same track, 250cc)

Welcome to CWM World and LCR Honda


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Special thanks to David Emmett of motomatters.com,  Moto3 rider Brad Binder and Derek Crutchlow for sharing their experiences. Also Alison Silcox of Motorcycle News for joining us and reviewing the experience.