Austin MotoGP Private Test 13 mar 2013

“You only get one chance to make a first impression...”

--- PPT guide Herod commenting on the wonderfully helpful and friendly COTA staff 

We paid a visit to Austin to prepare for the upcoming inaugural MotoGP 19-21 April and take in the test.

A few private customers joined us (this was unadvertised) and our sponsored team GPTech - who are running a wildcard CRT entry at the GP.

We had total access to the paddock, garages, and more as these photos show!

See more about the MotoGP event, including our opening party with KEVIN SCHWANTZ!


the private motogp test 2013

circuit of the americas, austin, texas 12-13 march 2013


All photos Herod Lowery, Pole Position travel guide

Special thanks to wildcard team GPTech and Geoff Maloney for organising the access

You can’t get any closer to the bikes and riders than at the official Tests.  We will go to the next test, Jerez 23-25 Mar 2013, and the tests following the MotoGP events, provisionally following Jerez, Catalunya, San Marino and Valencia. (Note: most tests sold out last year)

Join us for a VIP tour to the next test in Jerez 23-25 MarTours_OBSOLETE/Jerez_MotoGP_Test.html