motogp of Aragon 28-30 September 2012

“I think they will need a change in management before a change in the bike...”

(- Guest speaker Neil Spalding in response to the oft-asked question of how Ducati will get back in the race)

Always one of our smallest events (apart from the inaugural year) - it is a shame that this place is so hard to get to; as the track is magnificent.

We also have some of the VERY FEW accommodations right in Alcaniz, so we are just 15 minute from the circuit, making for a very laid-back weekend!

We kicked off with drinks in the the local Czech pub (how did THAT get here?!) Thursday night. Friday was a perfect day for exploring the track - although we bemoan the fact that the circuit makes moving around the track so restricted - a bit absurd given the tiny numbers who attend!

Friday night we had our opening dinner in the Castle Alcaniz.  This gorgeous venue is also home to our top package here (not to mention Dorna and the top people in motogp!)  Guest speaker Neil Spalding was augmented by rider Danny Webb and his manager Steve Burgess - who is another real paddock “insider”.

We keep coming back to fact that so few people are here, it is like a club meeting.  Saturday night a group of 6 of us invaded the paddock for dinner with team Honda Gresini. With so few ‘tourists’ around, the riders are relaxed about showing their faces so we got to meet just about everybody!

One GREAT way to see this track is from the “inside”. MotoGP Team Experience customers get the unique opportunity to visit the track itself and can walk (or if bad weather we will drive) around the service road and get REAL close!  You don’t NEED to wear the shirts, but it makes you look more like part of the team!

AS usual we don’t report race results here, but Scott Redding took another Moto2 podium - he will win one soon!. Our boy in MotoGP Cal Crutchlow just lost out to his team mate, but still a solid 4th. A sensational win for Luis Salom in the Moto3, and Brit Danny Kent took a strong 4th.

The Red Bull Rookies finished their season here -- and incidentally the last time we are likely to see 2 strokes racing in Grand Prix!  Two brilliant races, Saturday just 0.13 seconds between 1st and 3rd, and the top 6 all within 1 second!  The second race and decider for the 2nd spot of the season had a gap of just 0.025 between 1st and 3rd!  Czech Karel Hanika won the second race, but just not enough points to beat Dutchman Scott Deroue for 2nd overall. The series was won by German Florian Alt. Our sponsored rider from USA Joe Roberts ended up tied for 8th overall with the defending champion Baldassarri.

We closed the event in our traditional manner over drinks at the castle and a wander into town...


Alcaniz, Spain

Ahh... the IVECO girls... (MGP)


Photos marked:

DS: Denis Smits, PPT guide (and photos not marked)

CRM: Cormac Ryan Meenan, PPT photographer (more)

MGP: Courtesy

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Another nail-biting duel between team mates Andrea Dovisioso and Cal Crutchlow was the thrill of the race. Dovi just beat Cal this time...  (CRM)

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Ben Spies put in a reasonably good show (5th) in what has been a miserable season (CRM)